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Careers at EEVEE Mobility

Be bold. Be part of the future. ⚡️

EEVEE Mobility is at the forefront of the global EV adoption. We build powerful software solutions to help companies understand, handle and reduce their electric charging costs and stay on top of their car data. Join us on our adventure! 🥳

Let's introduce ourselves...

EEVEE Mobility was founded late 2019 as a spin-off project from the digital agency Wisemen. 👨‍💻 What started as a solution for our own, quickly grew into a globally used and loved mobile application. Later on, this was expanded with a business solution. Turns out we weren't the only ones wondering what our EV charging costs were! 🤓

EEVEE Mobility is now entering a new stage of growth on all fronts. That's why we are expanding our team to speed up the integration of new car brands, and make sure our beloved mobile app and business platform keep getting better and better! 💪

" In a few years, EEVEE has reached 73 countries and counts over 60.000 connected cars. EV drivers and companies love the intuitive tools, giving them a grip on their charging costs and car data. And we're only just getting started! "

Steffen Brans CEO at EEVEE Mobility

Why join EEVEE?

EEVEE and its founding company Wisemen are not a workplace, but a culture. Our quest for the optimal work-life balance translates into a work environment that stimulates and excites. We are not an army of robots manufacturing a soulless application. We focus on motivated colleagues made of flesh and blood.

How do we do that? We give you the space to develop yourself and to craft your job. A close family of colleagues will be happy to help you on your way (unless you manage to humiliate them in a game of pool or table tennis). In between, you can recharge your batteries thanks to the delicious pasta from office mama Anna. Carbs + enthusiasm = profit! Or something like that.

Take a look inside...

Some perks

An Electric Car

With charge pass! Sounds obvious for an EV startup! :p

Work from home

Decide when and where you work at your best. Flexibility!

Apple devices

The latest MacBook Pro and iPhone/ Android with plan

The usual

A complete salary package with fringe benefits etc.

Our track record 🔥

We've delivered quite a lot in little time. Direct integrations to EV's and hybrid cars from top-brands like Tesla, BMW and Mercedes, tens of thousands of happy users, a growing fleet solution, and more. 🚗

All of it made possible by a passionate and skilled team. We act quick and put our users and business customers at the center of everything we do! And there is so much more we have up our sleeve... 🤩

Do you share our values?

We are looking for passionate people who love to come up with good ideas and implement them quickly and in the simplest form. If you are dynamic, authentic, a real team player and ready for a ride - you're the right person for the job!

So if you're passionate about doing your best work, collaboratively working on exciting projects, and having fun along the way, we would love to meet you. Check out our open positions or just say hi!

What we do

Have fun, be playful and dynamic

Think big and start small

Value relationships

Obsess over details

Grow on a personal & professional level

Enjoy a daily lunch from mama Anna

What we don't

Egos and bureaucracy

Sacrifice quality for profit

Negative vibes

Work 9 to 5

"Time flies when you're having fun. And we're flying a supersonic jet at EEVEE Mobility!"

Kim Vangilbergen, Customer Sales and Success Manager

Open positions

Account manager - German speaking
  • Diepenbeek, Belgium
Work from Home
Open Application
  • Diepenbeek, Belgium
Work from Home

How we hire

Getting to know eachother

In the first call, we want to learn about your story and see if there is a potential fit.

Let's talk over a coffee

If the interest is mutual, we can dive a bit deeper about how you could fit in the team.

Show us your skills

A short and simple task will help us understand how you would do your job.

Let's get to business

If we still think there's a match, we'd love to give you an offer and discuss all the details.

Can’t find the job you’re looking for?

We’re always looking for people with unique skills. Send us your CV. We’ll get in touch when we have an opening that matches your expectations.